GameItWorks Store VS GameItWorks Mercari

GameItWorks Store V.S. Mercari

In 2022, GameItWorks sells on our own store using the eBlueJay marketplace. We of course still sell on the Mercari App too, and mid 2022 we anticipate reopening for the first time since the pandemic locks downs, on eBay. So what are the differences between our main store and GameItWorks on Mercari?

GameItWorks has had lots sales and positive feedback ratings on Mercari

GameItWorks on Mercari Marketplace

  • GameItWorks has less items for sale on Mercari.
  • Shipping on Mercari is available to anywhere in the USA
  • Buyer Pays Sales Taxes to Mercari.
  • Mercari uses a peer-to-peer sales format that helps protect both the buyer and seller, by holding the money until the buyer has had a chance to review the product for three days. Then all sales are final.
  • Mercari accepts multiple kinds of payment options, including PayPal, Zip Pay as you go, Apple Pay, Credit, Debit.
  • GameItWorks on Mercari only uses Mercari's official shipping labels for UPS, FedEx, USPS.  Sometimes shipping costs a little more because Mercari's shipping labels cover all us shipping zones at a single price; and are bulk rate labels with limitations on shipping weight and package size.
  • On Mercari we generally ship within 24 hours of the sale Monday to Friday (excluding weekends and holidays).
  • Selling on Mercari costs GameItWorks a 10% sales fee and 3% Payment Processing Fee for a total of 13% fees on anything you buy, so we have to sell at a higher price to cover those expenses and for the costs of shipping materials .
  • We have over 200 sales and positive feedback ratings
  • Mercari handles and approves returns based on their criteria without Seller involvement.

The Official GameItWorks store has the most inventory for sale

GameItWorks Store

  • Our main store is on eBlueJay, a marketplace for independent sellers.
  • Our prices on our main store are generally 5% or 10% or more discounted in price, because we do not pay a sales fee to eBlueJay. We pass that savings on to you, by offering lower prices when possible.
  • Our main store has more items for sale and a wider selection of product types.
  • Currently sales and shipping is not available to California, Alaska, Hawaii, PO Boxes, APO Military Addresses, Puerto Rico or US Territories on our main store.
  • When you make a purchase at our main store, no sales taxes are collected from you, because your purchase is an "Interstate Sale". This means you are buying from a different state where sellers do not collect or report taxes to your state. Some states created a "Use Tax" honor system law, where they expect you as the buyer to report and pay taxes on any purchases you make from other states, directly to your own state. GameItWorks is not involved in that process. 
  • Payment options on our main store is Stripe a payment processors built-in to eBlueJay for Credit Cards and Debit Cards. PayPal is available for direct payment from your PayPal balance or bank transfer. 
  • Shipping Labels are at normal shipping prices set by the shipper and calculated by eBlueJay based on the package weight and size that we entered before listing the product for sale. Your shipping price will be cheaper if your state shipping zone is near our state. The USA is divided into 8 shipping zones. 
  • We pay Stripe an extra fee to evaluate the risk of every sale to help prevent fraud. 
  • If you pay with a credit card or debit card, your purchase may take between three days up to a week to clear.  We ship within 24 hours of your payment clearing Monday to Friday (Weekends and Holidays excluded).  If you pay with your PayPal funds or a bank transfer through PayPal and have a "verified account", PayPal will usually clear your payment the same day, so shipping will occur faster.
  • We have a smaller sales history on our main store, because we were trying out several different marketplaces before deciding to make eBlueJay our official home. We were also forced by California's governor to close for two years under a pandemic emergency executive order. 
  • Everything on our main store is sold, "as described and as-is". Generally we do not accept returns unless we made a significant mistake in describing the condition and functionality of the item for sale.  We test all products that need testing, prior to listing them for sale. We began selling online in 2006 and have only had four or five returns during the past 16 years.

CONCLUSION:  GameItWorks Store generally has lower prices, sometimes shipping prices are lower than Mercari, Shipping may be slower because all payments have to clear in advance, fewer payment options. no returns.

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